Our goal is to ensure that your file is organized, BRE/Broker compliant, and handled with professionalism

By having us manage and coordinate your transaction, you will have more time to work with clients, receive more listings,

and have peace of mind knowing that your file will be fully completed and compliant

Transaction Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Managing all details of your real estate transaction, including monitoring the paperwork, tracking transaction status, and coordinating with the co-op agent, co-op agent’s TC, and Escrow company to ensure a complete file.

  • Reviewing purchase contract for completion

  • Contacting Co-Op Agent and Escrow to introduce our team.  Coordinating with the listing agent and/or transaction coordinator to send all relevant paperwork to us

  • Ordering Natural Hazards Disclosure Report & Home Warranty when representing seller

  • Preparing a "buyer's package" containing the seller's disclosure package as  well as adding your broker required forms (note: agent must provide any broker-specific / required forms to us at the beginning of escrow) OR Preparing a “seller’s package” containing all disclosures and send to the buyer's agent

  • Sending a full disclosure package containing all of the required CAR, SDAR and Broker forms, personalized and customized to the subject property to client for signature

    • Once complete, package and return to co-op agent and TC

  • Providing and keeping all parties on track for timelines

  • Preparing personalized CD for delivery after the close of escrow.

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Getting Started

1.      Fully Completed Contact Sheet
2.     Fully Executed Purchase Agreement and Addenda (including all Counter Offers)
3.     Agency Disclosure (CAR Form AD)
4.     Listing Agreement for SELLERS only (CAR Form RLA)
5.     Affiliated Business Disclosure, if applicable
6.     Possible Representation of more than one Buyer or Seller (CAR Form PRBRS)
7.     Buyer’s Prequalification Letter and Proof of Funds

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Real Estate Agent Responsibilities

  • Reviewing Draft Escrow instructions

  • Providing all client contact information including: email, phone number and address.

  • Obtaining Prequalification Letter and Buyer’s Verification of Funds

  • Ensuring Deposit Check is sent to escrow

  • Reviewing Preliminary Title report

  • Ensuring Increased Deposit Check is sent to Escrow

  • Ordering or making sure Clients have ordered property inspection and termite inspection in a timely manner

  • Reviewing Seller completed Disclosures, especially TDS and SPQ, for completeness and accuracy prior to releasing to Buyers

  • Completing  Agent’s Visual Inspection Disclosure so that it may be included with disclosures to Buyers (within 7 days of acceptance) – This is a part of the TDS

  • Copying TC on all correspondence

  • Ensuring Clients have signed and returned all Escrow paperwork

  • Negotiating Repairs or any changes to contract and obtain all signatures

  • Advising client regarding Contingency removals

  • Scheduling and conducting final walk